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Digitization and the Preservation of Knowledge

Below is an excerpt from Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie’s State of the University address, delivered Tuesday, October 1, 2013. This excerpt discusses the time-based media digitization project highlighted in the following post. Digitization and the Preservation of Knowledge “For over 25 centuries, the great universities of the world have always had three fundamental … Continue reading

The AV Artifact Atlas: Two Years In

Two summers ago, the team at the Stanford Media Preservation Lab (SMPL) decided something needed to be done about the lack of shared terminology surrounding audio-visual “artifacts” found in reformatted media. We had our own ideas of what artifacts looked and sounded like based on our own experiences, but we were not convinced there was … Continue reading

The Library of Congress Unveils National Recording Preservation Plan

The Library of Congress today unveiled “The Library of Congress National Recording Preservation Plan,” a blueprint for saving America’s recorded sound heritage for future generations. The congressionally mandated plan spells out 32 short- and long-term recommendations involving both the public and private sectors and covers infrastructure, preservation, access, education and policy strategies. The plan derived … Continue reading

Extracting Audio From Pictures (Summary)

Some of the world’s earliest disc recordings, dating from the late 1880’s, exist today only as pictures in books or magazines. The discs themselves were lost long ago, leaving little hope that their sounds could ever be heard again. But sound media historian Patrick Feaster has developed a method for extracting sound from these prints, … Continue reading

Extracting Audio from Pictures

Three years ago, a survey team identified a staggering 569,148 time-based media objects on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University—that’s over half a million sound recordings, video recordings, and reels of film. The earliest items documented in the survey report date back to 1893. However, that report doesn’t mention what might be considered IU Bloomington’s … Continue reading

The School of the Sky Returns

“I imagine you’ve heard of old-time radio drama before—The Shadow, The War of the Worlds, that sort of thing.  But did you know that, back during the Golden Age of Radio, radio dramas were being created right here at Indiana University—with students as the scriptwriters and performers?” That’s how I introduced my global sound media … Continue reading

Cook Music Library and the IMPAC Start-up Project

Legendary pianist Menahem Pressler’s 1982 faculty concert performance of Dvořák’s Piano Quintet in A major with the International String Quartet was heard on the Bloomington campus last week for the first time in many years. Carried on three reels of Scotch 208 open reel tape, the performance was the first one digitized as part of the Cook … Continue reading

A Step Forward

It is a tremendous step forward in everything: story, development of plot, acting, conception, all the way down the line. –Herb Caen, columnist, San Francisco Chronicle The above quote comes from a 1941 recording made in the lobby of San Francisco’s Gary Theater after the northern California premiere of Orson Welles’ landmark film Citizen Kane. … Continue reading