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Building Workflows: The AHEYM Project and DV Preservation

One of the goals for our current work on the IMPAC start-up project is to test proposed preservation workflows.  Fortunately, here at Indiana University, we aren’t starting with a blank canvas. As we argued in Meeting the Challenge of Media Preservation, not only do we have valuable material on the IU Bloomington campus at risk, but … Continue reading

Cook Music Library and the IMPAC Start-up Project

Legendary pianist Menahem Pressler’s 1982 faculty concert performance of Dvořák’s Piano Quintet in A major with the International String Quartet was heard on the Bloomington campus last week for the first time in many years. Carried on three reels of Scotch 208 open reel tape, the performance was the first one digitized as part of the Cook … Continue reading

The Uses of Enchantment

This third post from an ongoing series on prioritization explores our attempts to articulate the functions and uses of time-based media, part of our work developing a software application for assessing the value of IU’s audio, video, and film collections. The title of Bruno Bettelheim’s classic work on fairy tales—The Uses of Enchantment—provides a vivid … Continue reading