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Would Anyone Like Some Corn With Their Preserved Media?

October 3, 2011: The day that the program in Media Preservation (and its sister program in Digital Preservation) rose from the fertile Illinois soil like a new crop of sprouting corn.  Ok, well maybe it wasn’t quite that dramatic, but let’s just say it was the start of a new era for the Preservation and … Continue reading

Good Numbers, Better Access, EIAJ and Irony

I feel honored that Mike Casey, a media preservation hero of mine, asked me to blog here.  His invitation arrived on a happy day: I was feeling good about the annual internal report I’d recently compiled on the Stanford Media Preservation Lab’s latest production statistics, project milestones and community initiatives, so I thought I’d use … Continue reading

Beginning Media Preservation at the UCLA Library

The UCLA Library holds a large amount of unique audiovisual (AV) materials. The Library also often creates its own AV content. For example, the Center for Oral History and Research records both video and audio oral histories that must be preserved and made available to researchers at the Library. With new facilities hosting workshops and … Continue reading

Capture Metadata and Wild Obsolescence: Media Preservation at the University of Virginia Library

Hello, all you media preservation-curious readers! I currently serve as the Audiovisual Conservator in the Preservation Services department at University of Virginia Library. As I am the only staff member in our department who explicitly works with conservation and preservation of legacy audiovisual materials, I find myself moving between film and magnetic media projects as needs … Continue reading



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