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Providing Media Preservation Services

The cornerstone recommendation from the Task Force report Meeting the Challenge of Media Preservation: Strategies and Solutions is to establish the Indiana Media Preservation and Access Center (IMPAC) on the Bloomington campus. IMPAC will provide the preservation and access digitization services necessary to attain campus targets which include the preservation of 284,000 audio recordings and 66,000 video recordings along with access digitization of 58,000 films, all within 15 years. Current digital media preservation efforts on campus are limited and will not keep pace with degradation and obsolescence. The IMPAC is a solution for media-holding units that will enable long-term preservation and access to irreplaceable content.

IMPAC will be a service provider, offering media preservation and access services to IU Bloomington units, including:

  • preservation transfer (digitization) of analog audio recordings
  • preservation transfer of analog video recordings
  • preservation transfer of physical digital (CD, MiniDv, DVD, for example) audio and video recordings
  • access transfer of motion picture film
  • photographs of preserved objects and their containers
  • digitization work to fulfill orders from researchers for campus media holdings
  • creation of derivative digital files for researcher access
  • collection of technical and digital provenance metadata on the preserved object, resulting digital files, and the preservation process
  • preparation of media holdings for digitization
  • assistance with prioritization of media holdings for preservation treatment

IMPAC will collaborate with the IU Libraries’ Digital Library Program and UITS’ Scholarly Data Archive to ensure the long-term preservation of preserved media content within a trusted digital repository setting. IMPAC will also collaborate with these units and other campus stakeholders to facilitate access to preserved media content.

IMPAC services will be provided by a skilled team of audio engineers, video engineers, film specialists, metadata specialists, quality control personnel, administrators, and graduate and undergraduate students.

// Mike Casey

Here is a visualization of IMPAC functions and physical spaces, based on a quick sketch made by an architect attending a preliminary requirements meeting earlier this year. Click to view and magnify in your browser.

Indiana University Media Preservation IMPAC Functions and Spaces



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